Water - pure, simple & convenient.
City Vending service - unbeatable.


Let us take the hassle out of providing your staff with delicious, fresh drinking water.

Your choice - bottle units with 19 or 10ltr carboys or mains supplied Filtered water units. We offer and maintain both.

The bottle units require you to store replacement carboys and empties as well as have someone fit them to the machines when they run out. Whilst we offer a choice of Bottle Units with 19 or 10 ltr carboys and recognize that there are locations without access to a fresh cold water supply which leave little choice but to use this type of unit, we strongly believe in the POU system utilizing water from your local supply and filtering it to ensure the quality and taste are as your staff require.

The mains filter units offer a better quality of water which comes at a nil cost and is little or no hassle. We change the filters as necessary, and, if you wish, we can fit U.V. Filters to ensure water quality although this is not normally required in Scotland.

City Vending use both AA First and Water Logic machines. A choice of Cold & Ambient, Cold & Hot as well as floor standing or tabletop is available and cup units can be an integral part of the machine.

We supply and maintain the equipment, advise on the filtration needed, change filters, service the machines and provide cups and carboys of water To keep your life simple.

For more information, call Ian or  Michelle on 08452 302402.